19 Dead-Simple Ways to Get More Clients for Your Agency

Robin Vander Heyden
Last Updated:
January 25, 2021

Getting new clients for your agency is one of your key priorities as an agency or productized service owner.

In this post I will explore how to get more clients for your agency. I have listed 19 tactics, in 4 different categories:

  • Content
  • Cold outreach
  • Ads
  • Networking

Before you get started, make sure to check out our Sales and Marketing guide which is a complete guide on how to get clients for your agency.


Creating content is a great way to get clients for a few reasons:

  • You can get ranked on Google for search terms
  • You can establish authority and credibility in your field
  • Show proof of your work
  • You can build an audience (through an email list, or Facebook group) which is very valuable

Here are some examples of content you can create for your agency:

1. Optimize your website

The first thing you can do if you're starting with content is to ensure you have a well organized marketing site.

The goal of your site is to explain what you do, and get conversions (either a demo call, a new customer, or an email subscriber). An intuitive website will also help you to rank on Google which can get you more leads.

Here's an example:

KoalaRank is a B2B content writing agency. They organized well their site in different sections with:

- Tagline: What they do and for whom
- What they do / how their service works
- About them, their story
- Testimonials of their customers and samples of their work
- CTAs (Get a free demo)
- A chat to help visitors on their website

All in all, it's the perfect example of a productized service or agency website.

If you want more inspiration, check out our 10 examples of productized service landing pages.

2. Landing pages

Say your agency serves two type of clients:

- SaaS
- Startups

These clients probably have completely ifferent problems, goals, and thus require a totally different approach to serve.

Creating separate landing pages to address how you solve their problem is a great way to not only educate your prospects about their problem and your solution, but also to rank for keywords related to your agency services in Google.

An example I particularly love is from YesOptimist, a content writing agency that has worked with large customers such as HelloSign (they must be know a thing or two about SEO!)

Creating a landing page for each vertical you serve has different advantages:

- It can help you to rank of key terms that your potential clients may search for
- You can educate customers about their problem and establish credibility about your ability to solve it
- You can use these landing pages in your cold outreach (see below)

3. Case studies and Samples of your work

Show, don't tell.

Content wise, case studies are one of the first thing you should invest time in.


Showing proof is the best way to back your claims.

Invest in creating high quality testimonials (written or video, or both!) that you can place on your site and use in your outreach.

Here's an example from 55Knots, a design service in Australia.

They created not only a portfolio of their work, but also highly visual case studies with samples of their work included.

4. Create free resources

Once you've done a few case studies, create resources.

Resources can be helpful for a few reasons:

- Establish credibility. Thought leadership and writing extensively about a subject relating to your agency cements your authority about the service you are providing.
- Grow your audience. After your visitor download your resource, you can sign them up to your mailing list and later send them email sequences. They enter your funnel and you can then nurture them.

Here is an example again from KoalaRank:

Here are some ideas of resources you can create:

- Templates (for example if you run a SEO agency, some content planning templates could be useful)
- A free course
- An ebook

Once you've created these resources, you can either market them on different platforms (more on that below, in networking) or simply list your course on Udemy for example.

5. Create a newsletter

Once you've got your site organized, case studies, and a free resources, you can start building your audience by creating your newsletter.

Once you have subscribers, send them emails weekly / bi-weekly (at the frequency which you deem best) with useful tips and try to get them to start a subscription with you or book a call.

6. Create a blog

Creating a blog is another way of building your audience: If your posts are good enough, you'll start ranking for key terms that your target customer searches for.

In addition, you can also share those posts in some communities (Facebook groups, or Reddit for example, more on this below!)

Once you have new blog posts, share them in your newsletter as well.

7. Create a podcast or be the guest on someone's else podcast

Another way of building an audience is to create a podcast, and interview or talk with thought leaders in your industry. You can also be the guest on someone's else podcast to increase your visibility.

Cold outreach

Next step, cold outreach.

Cold outreach is one of the best ways to get clients for your agency.


It yields fast results. And it doesn't cost anything either, apart from your time.

Unlike content which may take months for you to rank on Google, cold outreach puts you right in front of your clients, which may be ready to purchase the services of your agency.

So what are the benefits of cold outreach for agencies?

  • Help you get directly in front of your clients.
  • Doesn't cost anything, except time.
  • Can also be a good way to get feedback on your service, or trial clients.

Here are some examples of content you can create for your agency:

8. Job boards

Job boards are a great way to find clients because these clients are already in the market looking for help.

Let's take for example ProBloggers Jobs, a job board specialized for content writing and copywriting jobs:

As you can see, there are several jobs that are posted almost daily. Take this one along with a few other niche job boards and you can have a steady list of warm opportunities for your business.

9. LinkedIn

Another way of finding leads on the market is to start on LinkedIn.

There are two ways you can do this:

- By looking at Job opportunities
- or by Posts.

Here is an example:

and from LinkedIn posts:

I got 100 posts in the last 24 hours for the term "hiring content writers", not bad right?

The problem is: Everyone is on LinkedIn. It might be extremely competitive but it's worth a shot if your approach is personalized, and if you have a good outreach process.

10. Highly targeted cold messages

Another method of acquiring clients is to build a highly targeted list of prospects, and send them cold emails or messages on LinkedIn.

Once you know who your clients are, build a list of prospects (use a virtual assistant or pay for a database to source leads), personalize your message, and start reaching out to your prospects.

Check out our guide on LinkedIn Cold Outreach if you haven't already.

11. Use Twitter Advanced search

Another tactic is to use Twitter search. Make sure to follow also all the relevant accounts that post job offers or advertise job positions.

12. Use Google

One of my favourite tactics is simply to use Google.

Make use of Google Boolean search and filter it by date (posted today / last week), and use different job applicant tracking software (ATS) where jobs are advertised. For example: Greenhouse.co, or Lever.co

Here is an example of such a search:

In the past week, I got ten's of pages of results just for that ATS system.

13. Unhappy clients of competitors

Another tactic is simply to check review sites (such as Clutch.co if you are an agency), and contact unhappy clients of your competitors.


Next to content and outreach, I also highly recommend you to network.

Building relationships is key in B2B, and will be a central part of your marketing strategy at your agency. Relationships compound and your network can bring your leads.

Here are some advantages of having a strong network:

  • You can get client referrals from your network
  • It's an opportunity to build partnerships, or find opportunities
  • You can also get mentorship / help when needed for your business

Here are some ways you can network:

14. Join communities

For example, if you're selling content writing services to SaaS business, I would join all the communities I know of SaaS entrepreneurs.

Joining communities can be good for several reasons:

  • You can monitor what questions and problems your audience face.
  • You can contribute to great content to help them out.
  • And build relationships as a result that can land you work opportunities.

Communities you can join for your agency can be Facebook groups, Slack groups (here is a list), as well as subreddits.

15. Share your content on those communities

While the community on Reddit usually doesn't like promotional posts, complete guides or entrepreneurial stories generally do well. Same for Indie Hackers or other niche communities. Focus on creating high quality content and the community will usually be thankful for it.


Finally, ads can also be a good way to land customers. Ads do cost money, but once you have a solid funnel in place, they can be a great way to drive new leads and sales.

They can also help you drive awareness for your resources (ebooks, case studies) and help you build a pipeline of leads which you can then try to convert into clients.

Here are the benefits of running ads:

  • It can be scalable (in some cases you might reach a ceiling though), you just need to invest more.
  • You can use them to retarget your existing visitors with ads.
  • You can use ads to build awareness or your email list, which you can then convert into clients.

Here are some ways to run ads for your agency:

16. Retarget visitors

A good starting point is to retarget visitors with ads.

For example, in one of these ads you can either add a coupon code, a free trial (Note: You can create checkout forms with free trials with ManyRequests), or the beginning of a demo video of your service (keep it short!).

You can also put a selfie video of yourself presenting your service or your clients.

Here is an example of an ad from Delesign, a graphic design service:

17. Promote your resources

Remember what I wrote before about content?

Once you've created a lot of value, feel free to promote your resources with ads. Make sure to capture emails as well so you can build your list of subscribers and send them email sequences.

18. Quora ads

Another great tactic to land clients is to use Quora.

Let's take an example of the question "How to hire a freelance writer"

As you can see, the ad fits neatly into the other answers and is even at the top of the results. This can be quite effective to capture for high intent leads.


I hope you enjoyed these tactics!

Feel free to check out our sales and marketing guide if you want a complete overview of marketing strategy and tactics to find clients for your agency.