Year in Recap 2022: 8 New Features, Our Best Agency Content, and More!

Robin Vander Heyden
Last Updated:
December 21, 2022

2023 is upon us and it's time to reflect on what our team has achieved this year.

TL;DR: We shipped a lot!

  • 8 new features
  • 4 new integrations
  • 1584 chat conversations (1h55 median first response time)
  • 20 new blog posts
  • 6588 members on our Facebook community
  • Released many small improvements and fixes

All this with 6 team members.

Also, and importantly, our company became profitable this year (We 2x'ed our revenue in 2022.)

Let's dive into what we've released this year: Features, integrations, and an overview of our most popular content.

1. New order forms

When you sell productized services, order forms are usually the first step your clients will take.

We've redesigned them so they look great but are also highly customizable (and convert well)

feature orderforms

Here are a couple of things you can do with the new order forms:

  • Sell one-off or recurring services
  • Support coupon codes
  • Add rich text
  • Add a FAQ
  • Add testimonials
  • Create one step checkout or multi-steps
  • Track conversions
  • Capture client properties and add them to your CRM (more on this below!)

Here's a demo of how order forms look like in action.

2. Conditional rules in request forms

We released this much anticipated feature a couple of months ago: You can now create advanced request forms with conditions (show or hide fields) based on the answers of your clients.

feature conditionalrules

Why this matters?

You can capture all the information you need from your clients when they submit a request. No need to chase your clients that submit half completed briefs.

3. Sign up pages

This is another great feature.

You can enable sign up pages (go to Portal > Pages when you're logged in) and let clients sign up and explore your services.

feature signup

4. CSS support in your portal

This feature is in beta only but you can now add your own CSS to the portal to stay on brand for your agency.

Here's an example from GetKreatives, one of our clients that specializes in E-commerce ads and UGC videos production:

feature css

5. Extensions

Add more power to your client portal with extensions. You can embed other tools (or external links) to your portal.

feature extensions

These extensions can be shown globally (which means they'll be shown to all of your clients) or locally (to specific clients only)

For example, you could embed a Calendly link to all clients or embed client-specific content calendars for each individual client. The possibilities are endless!

We've written a complete guide on extensions, you can find it here.

6. Multiple file downloads

This is a smaller feature but nonetheless super useful (and time saving)

Your clients (or team) now have access to a "Download all" button.

feature downloadall

7. Multiple account managers

This is an helpful one that will be loved by project managers. You can now auto-assign multiple team members to a request.

For example this could be: Project manager + Designer.

feature accountmanagers

8. Client notes and properties

This feature helps you get a clear overview of your client at all times.

On top of the existing overview (where you can see ongoing requests, ratings, account managers), services, storage, organization (where you'll see your clients' team members) - we've added Notes and Properties.

Notes: Add any kind of useful information under to stay on top of client work.

Properties: This information can be captured during checkout and automatically added under Properties (example: "How did you hear about us?" --> Adds answer to Properties)

feature clientproperties

Tip: You can combine this with "tags", tag a new client as "New" so you know your team must pay extra attention to that client.

New integrations

We've released a couple of useful integrations and extensions as well:

- Hubspot chat and Meetings (as extension)
- SERanking
- AgencyAnalytics
- Canvas by Monday

Here's also some of the best content we've written this year:

Our priority is to create the best in class content so you can scale your agency.

We've written a lot of content on that, here are some of the most popular posts and tweets we've published this year:

  • How to grow an agency from $100k to $1m ARR (Article)
  • Complete guide to starting a productized service in 2022 (Article)
  • What I'd do if I were to start another productized service (Tweet)

You can find more content on our blog.

Till next year, folks!

This is a wrap!

You can expect more fantastic content from us, more improvements, and more features.

We've also got a very big announcement to make soon that will be game changer for your agency. So stay tuned for this!

The entire team at ManyRequests wishes you happy holidays, and see you next year.