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We've been running a successful SaaS marketing agency for several years and produced hundreds of ad creatives for leading SaaS brands along the way. ManyRequests helps us streamline our creative operations by having everything in one place.

Dylan Hey, CEO
Hey Digital


Hey Digital is a leading SaaS marketing agency.

Founded in 2018, they've grown to a team of 30+ team members and have worked with established SaaS companies such as Posthog, Hotjar, Pitch, Sprig, Wiza, Polar Analytics, and 75+ other SaaS brands.

They offer various services such as landing page design, ad creatives, video creatives, PPC campaigns management with a focus on SaaS companies.


When Hey Digital approached ManyRequests they wanted to offer an ad design subscription service so that companies could request ad and other creatives in a seamless way.

For them, delivery speed of ads was key so a user friendly platform where their clients could request various ads was key.

In addition, having a good visibility of all design projects as well as having a built-in design revision system was key for HeyDigital so that they ensure the production of ad creatives in an efficient and timely manner.

hey digital ad creative examples
Hey Digital produces high-performing ad creative


Hey Digital set up two packages, clients can self-serve based on which plan they prefer and get automatically onboarded in a client portal under HeyDigital brand.

Hey Digital also created customized project briefs to collect all the information from clients upfront, and those briefs are automatically assigned to a project manager and designer.

Once ads are delivered, they're added to the client storage and clients can also annotate designs which are then sent to Hey Digital's team.

Hey Digital's team of project managers can also track progress easily via their dashboard and can see a reporting of designers' performance.

Key criteria

Checkout forms & billing

Hey Digital created various design subscriptions plans and sells their services via checkout forms. This saves them a lot of time as there's no negotiations or proposals needed, prospective clients just order directly from their website.

Project briefing

Once clients are onboarded, they can easily add different tasks to their queue which are then worked on one by one.

Creative operations management

All tasks are centralized under one portal, with each designer having access to their specific clients. Project managers can easily have an overview of all tasks being worked on and designer capacity.

Design proofs & revisions

Once deliverables are sent to the client, clients get notified both in-app and via the portal and can annotate designs directly in the platform.

As an operations team lead it's essential for me to have a clear overview of design tasks being worked on and designer capacity so we can delegate new requests. ManyRequests facilitated all of this with a robust set of features but also a very good user experience both for our team members and clients.

Gabriella Brigando, Operations Team Lead
Hey Digital

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