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“We run a UK-based design subscription agency. ManyRequests has been the backbone of our business since day 1.”

William Griffiths


Hatchly is a UK-based design subscription service. Before launching his agency, founder Will Griffiths used to offer graphic design services as a freelancer.

With ManyRequests, they productized their services and offer monthly, quarterly, and annual design plans aimed at SMEs, agencies, and startups in the UK.


Before using ManyRequests, Hatchly was offering quote-based design services and spent a lot of time in calls and sending proposals.

This proved both time-consuming and stressful as there was no revenue predictability.

Secondly, Hatchly didn’t have a proper system to manage and delegate all incoming design requests. 


Hatchly productized their by using the Checkout Forms and Service builder features. They created recurring design service plans which allowed prospective customers to purchase design subscription plans directly from Hatchly’s website.

In addition, with the Back office and Client Portal feature, Hatchly customized their portal and centralized all design requests in one place.

Key criteria

Streamlined requests

All client requests are in one place. Team members get automatically assigned to new requests and clients get notified in case there are updates on the requests. Clients can also see the status of requests, due dates, and add their team members to the request.

Productized services offerings

Services can be sold via checkout forms as well as displayed in the service catalog that clients can see once they log in to their portal.

Customized client portal

Clients can manage their subscriptions and purchase additional hours directly from the customized portal. They can also see their files, invite team members, and receive team announcements.

Integrations and Extensions

The Zapier integration helps team members get notified of new clients. Integrations such as Calendly helps the client directly book calls with the team.

“The ManyRequests team is extremely responsive and they provide a lot of awesome updates!”

William Griffiths

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