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“We’ve done over 17000 design requests. ManyRequests keeps everything organized in our agency.”

Alexandra Adams


SquidPixels is a design subscription service founded by husband and wife team Steve and Alexandra Adams.

With their entire team based out of the US, they offer unlimited design services for a flat monthly fee.


SquidPixels was using another project management tool that was no longer maintained when they decided to move to ManyRequests. With a lot of existing requests, comments, files, and clients with active subscriptions, it was essential to move everything over to ManyRequests in a way as seamless as possible.

In addition, SquidPixels’ team were already trained with existing workflows to manage the large amount of design projects such as specific status and ways to share deliverables with their clients.


ManyRequests’ complimentary Migration service helped SquidPixels move seamlessly from their existing system to ManyRequests. The team booked a migration call with one of our implementation experts.

Our team moved all existing requests, messages, and client assets in the new portal.

In addition, our team helped speed up some features such as custom status, request automations (whenever a client or team member comments), and an improved file storage system to fit SquidPixels’ workflow.

Key criteria

Streamlined requests

All client requests are in one place. Team members get automatically assigned to new requests and clients get notified in case there are updates on the requests. Clients can also see the status of requests, due dates, and add their team members to the request.

Customized client portal

Clients can manage their subscriptions and purchase additional hours directly from the customized portal. They can also see their files, invite team members, and receive team announcements.

Migration and Onboarding service

ManyRequests offers a complimentary migration and onboarding service for customers subscribing to the Pro plan. The migration takes place usually in less than a week and agencies can test out their portal before rolling it out to their existing client base.

“The team at ManyRequests is phenomenal. Great support, they listen to feedback, and we love the new updates!”

Alexandra Adams

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