Learn How To Implement ManyRequests for your Agency

ManyRequests Guide

Get ahead with the ultimate guide to implement ManyRequests for your agency. In this guide, we’ll take you through these 4 steps to succefully implement ManyRequests. This guide gives you the complete franework to implement ManyRequests along with some best practices.

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What’s included in the book?

4-steps to implement ManyRequests

In this chapter we’ll cover how to set up ManyRequests. Accepting payments, creating services, adding your services link to your website, and inviting team members.

Customizing ManyRequests

In this chapter we’ll cover how to make ManyRequests truly yours. We’ll go over things such as adding your portal branding and domain, customizing the sidebar, as well as a few unique ways to make ManyRequests unique

Managing and delegating client requests

The most important : Successfully managing and delegating projects. We’ll cover aspects such as delegation, client <> agency communication, and managing team performance.

Client onboarding and management

How to onboard, manage, and retain your clients? In addition, how to make sure your clients use ManyRequests? This chapter will cover exactly that.

Tips and Tricks

Lastly, the last chapter gives you a few unique tips and tricks we’ve learned working with hundreds of creative services so you can get the most out of ManyRequests.

“This book gave us a terrific headstart to implement ManyRequests at our agency. Thanks to ManyRequests’ team knowledge of working with hundreds of agencies, we’ve gotten invaluable best practices”
Andy Dao