Migration service

Done-With-You Onboarding Service
We know moving to a new platform for your agency is a daunting task.
If you run an agency, you probably have existing clients, invoices, and projects you wish to import. Let us take care of that and help you succeed with ManyRequests!

What’s included

Portal customization

We’ll hep you customize your portal and also add your domain name (example: app.youragency.com)
We’ll also help you create client onboarding pages.

Create services

We’ll help you create services and order forms. We’ll also show you how discount codes and add-ons work.

Import teams, projects, clients and subscriptions

Once your basic workspace is set up, we’ll help you import existing team members, client requests, and subscriptions.

Give you best practices to use your workspace

Over the years we’ve learnt the best way to make use of ManyRequests..

Specifically we’ll give you tips to customize your portal, create services, manage client requests, and automate your agency.

Frequently asked questions

How many clients can I have?

All plans come with unlimited clients.

What's the maximum file storage in the portal?

You can have unlimited storage and the maximum size per file is 10Gb. Please contact us if you need higher limits.

Do you charge transaction fees?

No you'll only pay Stripe processing fees.

Can I track time with ManyRequests?

Yes our Core and Pro plans feature a built-in time-tracking system.

Is it possible to change the portal in other languages?

Yes, currently the portal is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish. Keep an eye on our product updates page for more translations.

I already have existing clients. Can I import them to ManyRequests?

Yes, we have a free migration service (available in our Core and Pro plans) but you can also easily import your clients either manually or when connecting your Stripe account to ManyRequests.

I need more help, where can I reach you guys?

You can contact us via our live chat or via email at support@manyrequests.com

In addition, you can visit our Help Center.

Feel free to book a demo call as well.

We are here to help you ?

Contact us today and let’s begin your migration