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The CRM for designers & design agencies

Simplify your sales, customer management, and reporting with ManyRequests' CRM software for design and creative agencies.

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Turn your agency's email threads into rich, interactive customer experiences.

ManyRequests offers a full suite of CRM tools to delight customers, help you manage design projects efficiently and increase your profitability.

The only CRM made specifically for designers

ManyRequests understands your needs as a designer: whether you create graphics, websites, or user experiences.

Inline file annotations and customer feedback

increase your recurring revenue

Intake forms & checkout pages with upsells

manage invoicing with ease

Custom-branded portals to interact with clients

monitor your invoicing and financials

Automate tedious sales tasks & get straight to your design projects with CRM workflows

As designers, your team members are eager to jump into projects and deliver amazing work. ManyRequests CRM helps with removing any barrier to that.

Service catalogs and recurring payments

increase your recurring revenue

Time tracking to analyze productivity & profits

manage invoicing with ease

Easy-to-use reporting tools & integrations

monitor your invoicing and financials

Loved by design and website agencies

"We've been using ManyRequests for several years for our design agency. The software is robust and our team and clients love it too. The ManyRequests team often ships new features as well. Highly recommended!"
Trevor Pare


"We have been using ManyRequests for about a year, they are the backbone of our business. We can manage clients, team, payments, timelines, projects. The best thing about ManyRequests is that we have everything in one place and that they continuously keep improving the product."
Benjamin Williams


"Before ManyRequests what I was trying to build out was very complicated. ManyRequests simplified the workflow of our ad design service. Our customers can now easily request various ad creatives. We now have everything in one place: Request forms, communication, and it saves us and our clients a ton of time."
Luis Camacho


"Our team and clients love ManyRequests. Awesome solution, and great support as well!"
Randall Griffis


"We've done over 25,000 content writing requests on the ManyRequests platform. The team has been really open to feature requests, and the software has run flawlessly for our company for several years."
Isaac Morey


"We run a $1m+ ARR Webflow agency with 30+ contractors through ManyRequests. The software is modern, easy to use, and packed with features to handle client requests, track time, and manage client subscriptions. Our team absolutely loves it and we highly recommend it!"
Luka Mlakar


"We’ve been around for over 7 years, we do thousands of designs for thousands of clients every single month. We have researched hundreds of other software options and there is no other software that allows us to operate a graphic design service at scale, like ManyRequests does."
Alexandra Adams
"I cannot say how happy I am with Robin, Gabriel and the team. Before switching to ManyRequests we used a bunch of tools and it cost us so much time to maintain them. Super happy with the client experience and the team really understands the need of creative agencies."
Carsten Pleiser


"Great product. Super easy to use. Awesome support."
Spencer Moser

Bridgewood Creative

"We manage a team of roughly 100 designers through ManyRequests and have been using it the software for over three years. We've been able to get the business in a completely different place in terms of revenue and clients. Our favorite thing about ManyRequests is the Zapier integration."
Tomer Rahavy

Sparkle by Madgicx

"We've been using ManyRequests for almost 4 years for our UK-based subscription design service. We really like how our clients can invite their team members and easily request more designs."
William Griffiths


We run our Webflow agency entirely through ManyRequests. We love how easy it is to use for our clients and the new features released regularly by the team.
Andy Dao


"ManyRequests has helped us streamline our Webflow agency workflow here at Flowguys. It's simple to use, clients love it, and our team loves it too!"
Matt Sims


"ManyRequests not only saved us the costs of developing a whole solution for ourselves, but it’s a very smooth solution for clients to log in and communicate on specific tasks, everything is organized, and even the smaller admin tasks that normally fall on project managers such as invoices, adding services, and booking calls with our team can be all be accessed by the client themselves in a self-serve manner."
Anthony Puttee


"This software really improved how I run my Wordpress agency. It's well designed, packed with features, and the support is top notch."
Dave Swift


Onboard qualified clients for your  agency with a dedicated CRM

No more endless compromises. ManyRequests gives your design agency the tools to thrive and grow a profitable business.

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Frequently asked questions

What should a design agency look for in a CRM?

A design agency needs a CRM that is tailored for creative workflows, with a unified client portal for managing requests, payments, and communications. Key features to look for are project and request management, customizable checkout forms for selling design services, seamless integrations, and comprehensive time tracking and reporting to spot profitability issues / opportunities.

Is a CRM necessary to manage a design agency?

Yes! Using a CRM is vital for the growth of a design agency. ManyRequests' CRM for designers integrates all your creative operations in one workflow, including lead monitoring and sales. The connection between marketing performance, sales, and project management is what makes a CRM extremely valuable.

What is the best CRM for designers?

Every CRM has its pros and cons. ManyRequests' standout capability is that it's built specifically around the needs of design agencies, with bespoke features for the creative industry. It supports agencies in managing clients, projects, and finances all in one place; emphasizing efficiency, client satisfaction, and scalability. Try it out with a free 14-day trial, it's easy to set up and implement.