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“We run a 20+ person Webflow agency. Assigning and delegating projects and clients requests has been key for us to scale. ManyRequests helped us do that with a solid client portal solution.”

Luka Mlakar
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Flowout is a subscription-based Webflow agency.

Started in 2021, they’ve since grown to over $1m in annual recurring revenue with a team of 20. They’ve also previously worked with clients such as Sequoia,, and more.

They currently offer two plans: Recurring Webflow maintenance plans as well as hourly based packages where customers can purchase a pack of 10, 20, or 40 hours.


Flowout is a growing agency and they have many small requests (such as site edits, adding additional new pages, or design changes) as well as new projects. They needed an efficient way to handle all those projects in one place.

In addition to this, they required a streamlined way to sell both subscription-based and hourly based services.

Finally, to ensure the overall profitability per project and team member they also wanted an overview of time spent per project.


ManyRequests’ client requests feature helped streamline all client requests and new Webflow builds of Flowout. With customizable service requests forms, Flowout’s clients are able to create briefs with their exact needs.In addition, Flowout was able to productize their different service offerings with the Checkout forms and Service builder features, offering hourly-based as well as subscription-based services.The team members and clients can also track client usage and team utilization thanks to the time-tracking feature. Each team member can easily track hours (automatically or manually) via the dashboard and operation managers can see the hours worked and reports per team member and clients in the reporting section of ManyRequests.

Key criteria

Streamlined requests

All client requests are in one place. Team members get automatically assigned to new requests and clients get notified in case there are updates on the requests. Clients can also see the status of requests, due dates, and add their team members to the request.

Productized services offerings

Services can be sold via checkout forms as well as displayed in the service catalog that clients can see once they log in to their portal.

Customized client portal

Clients can manage their subscriptions and purchase additional hours directly from the customized portal. They can also see their files, invite team members, and receive team announcements.


The Time-tracking feature allows team members to automatically track time per project or manually enter hours in timesheets. Admins can also see the total amount of hours used.

“We’ve grown our business to $1m ARR in less than two years and started our agency with ManyRequests.”

Luka Mlakar
Company, Position

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