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Thanks to ManyRequests, we're able to offer a seamless creative operation for our clients. Everything is in one place: Projects, design proofs, files, payments, time-tracking.

Jord Pincombe, Founder & CEO


UpDesigners is an on-demand graphic design based in the UK.

They match designers to modern companies such as Whereby, Grant Thornton, GeeIQ, and more.

Based in the UK, they're a team of 25 talented designers and project mangers.

They offer two plans: Daily and Monthly.

Each plan contains a specific amount of hours.

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After trying several tools not built for delivering creative services, UpDesigners approached ManyRequests with the following requirements:

- Manage client requests
- Review design proofs
- Track time and performance of their designers
- Allow clients to control their subscription (pause, upgrade/downgrade)


Thanks to ManyRequests, UpDesigners is now able to offer seamless creative operations to their clients.

Project managers have one source of truth to access client requests, design proofs, time-tracking, and designer performance.

Key criteria

Project briefing

UpDesigners' created custom graphic design briefs with conditional rules, allowing them to capture all the details they need to start graphic design projects.

Direct messaging

Project managers handle day to day communication with the clients through in-app direct messaging, which saves long back and forth via email and instead ensures a unified experience where clients can message UpDesigners team directly in app.

In platform proofing & feedback

Once projects are delivered, clients and designers can collaborate on design proofs, saving time and back and forth on revisions.


Finally, UpDesigners implemented time-tracking so clients can see the usage of their subscription and purchase more hours if necessary. Project managers can also keep profitability on track per client.

We're able to easily track designer performance and also see capacity and profitability thanks to having everything in one place.

Emma Flavell, Account Manager

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