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“We’ve used ManyRequests for more than 3 years. It’s a robust software and easy to use for our clients and team members.”

Trevor Pare


DarkRoast is a Canadian subscription-based graphic design service that focuses on CPG and DTC brands.

They have a team of 30 designers that handle all graphic design requests: Social media graphics, Branding packages, Logos, and more.

For a flat monthly fee, they give you access to a Canadian-based graphic designer.


Managing multiple small, medium, and large design requests across a team of 30 designers has been DarkRoast’s biggest challenge

In addition to that, their clients needed a proper system to submit detailed briefs, prioritize requests, and give feedback to the team. As DarkRoast’s clients often have multiple team members involved, they also needed their clients’ team members to create new requests as well as see the updates of existing design requests.


DarkRoast created a client portal under their own brand as well as customized request forms with conditional rules. Their designers can create requests on behalf of clients and clients can also submit detailed briefs.

DarkRoast’s team now has a full overview of all ongoing design projects, status, and due dates.

On the client side, clients can get access to their files, submit feedback via Loom and the built-in design annotation tool, and rate requests.

Key criteria

Streamlined requests

All client requests are in one place. Team members get automatically assigned to new requests and clients get notified in case there are updates on the requests. Clients can also see the status of requests, due dates, and add their team members to the request.

Robust request management

Services can be sold via checkout forms as well as displayed in the service catalog that clients can see once they log in to their portal.

Customized client portal

Clients can manage their subscriptions and purchase additional hours directly from the customized portal. They can also see their files, invite team members, and receive team announcements.

Design annotation and Loom integration

The Design annotation and Loom integration features allow clients to easily submit feedback on creative assets received.

“One thing we love about ManyRequests is the Loom integration. Our team members and our clients can quickly send their feedback without leaving the app.”

Trevor Pare

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