Manage your design service in one place.

Stay organized, keep your team efficient, and save time.

Service builder

Powerful service builder

Create one-off or recurring services as well as credit-based and hourly services

ManyRequests Client PortalManyRequests Client Portal
Conditional rules
Visual forms
Free or paid trials
Create one-off or recurring services
Share service link to your clients or add it to your website

See all client requests in one place.

Get a clear overview at all time of who’s working on which project. Organize, prioritize, and easily delegate requests to team members.

Conditional rules
Assign new requests automatically to specific team members.
Change status automatically or send a message to your Slack after a client submits or comments on a new requests.
Priorities and due dates
Set priorities and due dates.
Add internal notes
Leave comments for your team.
Reply via email
Clients and team members can reply via email to requests.
Create new requests on behalf of your clients
Easily create new requests for your clients.
Built-in design annotation tool

Design feedback

Upload design assets and get feedback from your clients.
PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIFS, and PDF support.
Approvals. coming
Design feedback
Client portal

Your own client portal. Infinitely customizable

Add your own domain
Customize your portal colors and branding
Add your own logo, favicon, colors
Client onboarding
Create onboarding screens for your clients.
Manage permissions
Granular permission management: Set who in your team can see what (revenue, clients, settings management), manage notifications, and client settings.
Manage modules
Turn on or off modules you need and don’t need.
Add more functionalities to your portal with extensions
Embed other apps such as YouTube, Airtable, external links, and more in your portal.
Client management

Manage all your clients in one place

Get an overview of all your clients
Let clients invite team members
Edit client details
Send announcements to your clients
Client management

All client messaging, in one place

Build-in messaging
Send messages to multiple clients
Let clients create new tickets via email coming

Reports and Time-tracking

Team performance coming
Deduct hours from clients plans coming
Reports and Time-tracking

All other client portal features

Auto-assign team members to requests


Client, admins, teams receive notifications when there’s activity on a request. Admins and clients can easily turn notifications on/and off.

Advanced requests filtering

Multi filters + group requests

Manage permissions

See different permissions for who can see what

Reply via email

Admins, teams, and clients can reply via email to requests


Your portal in your client language!

Send announcements to clients

Send service announcements, right from the portal

Custom requests status

Create custom requests status



Automatically change status after revisions or after the client / team comments. More automations coming soon!

Customize client sidebar


Frequently asked questions

How many clients can I have?

All plans come with unlimited clients.

What's the maximum file storage in the portal?

You can have unlimited storage and the maximum size per file is 10Gb. Please contact us if you need higher limits.

Do you charge transaction fees?

No you'll only pay Stripe processing fees.

Can I track time with ManyRequests?

Yes our Core and Pro plans feature a built-in time-tracking system.

Is it possible to change the portal in other languages?

Yes, currently the portal is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish. Keep an eye on our product updates page for more translations.

I already have existing clients. Can I import them to ManyRequests?

Yes, we have a free migration service (available in our Core and Pro plans) but you can also easily import your clients either manually or when connecting your Stripe account to ManyRequests.

I need more help, where can I reach you guys?

You can contact us via our live chat or via email at

In addition, you can visit our Help Center.

Feel free to book a demo call as well.

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