Introducing ManyRequests 2.0

Robin Vander Heyden
Last Updated:
November 30, 2023

We’ve worked a lot over the past year or so and we’re stoked to finally announce ManyRequests 2.0. TL:DR, we shipped a lot.

Here’s everything we’ve released:

1. New UI

The biggest change you’ll notice with ManyRequests 2.0 is a brand new UI.

Everything is now more organized and easier to find.

Your team can preview requests and see the brief, change status on the go, and navigate through tabs.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The sidebar has been reorganized
  • New filtering options in the ‘all requests section’
  • Preview requests
  • Improved request navigation
  • Everything is real-time (updating status, sending messages, etc)

2. Design annotation module

Another key feature we launched is the design annotation module.

This allows you and your clients to upload design files (including PDFs and gifs), annotate them, and mark changes as resolved.

3. Messaging

We’ve also built a new module:


This module is particularly helpful for messages falling outside of a request's scope.

For example, queries such as subscription renewals, or even onboarding clients!

Multiple team members can access a conversation and you can also messages multiple clients of the same organization.

4. Time-tracking 

Time-tracking is finally here. You can track time both automatically or manually.

This allows you to have a better idea on how much time each team member spend on all requests.

To track time, simply start the timer (you can also leave the request or close the tab—the timer will continue running) and you can edit time logs afterwards.

All time logs are easily accessible in the Reports section.

Tip: You can disable time-tracking by going to Settings > Modules and Extensions > Requests > Time-tracking”

5. New service type: Time-based services!

Time-tracking comes with a neat feature: You can now create time-based service.

Tip: Check out our tutorial on how to create time-based services.

How to use this feature:

For example you can create a service for $1000/month for 10 hours of graphic design service. Clients can then see the usage of those hours by going to their dashboard:

This allows you to create more predictability but also give your client a better control on how they want to use those hours.

6. New Zapier integration 

We’ve also made a refresh on our Zapier integration.

It comes with the following triggers and actions:

  • Client created
  • Client updated
  • Request created
  • Request updated
  • Comment created
  • Payment created
  • Subscription canceled
  • Cancel subscription

Here’s a tutorial on how to use Zapier with ManyRequests.

7. Improved Rewardful integration

We’ve also revamped our Rewardful integration! Available on our Pro and Enterprise plans this allows you to onboard affiliates for your service.

8. Improved request forms

Request forms are now much more powerful.

Here’s what’s new:

  • More fields (such as date picker, rich text, FAQ)
  • Images are now supported
  • Conditional rules (If -> Then)

9. Pause subscriptions

This is another great feature.

Pausing and resuming subscriptions is now available as well.

10. Clients and team impersonation mode

You can now impersonate clients or team members in ManyRequests 2.0

This allows you to see what specific clients or team members can see.

11. More customizations options

We now made custom domains (so for example) available on all plans. In addition to this, we’ve added several more customizations options (and see below for what’s next) such as:

  • Customizing your portal color
  • More permissions for clients and team members

You can also add more functionalities to your portal with our extensions feature (see here a tutorial) which allows you to embed Calendly, Google Sheets, YouTube, and many other apps.

What’s next?

Feel free to start a 14-day free trial here if you’d like to check out these features.

Here’s what’s coming next on our roadmap:

  • Translations (French, Spanish, Portuguese, German), feel free to suggest other languages here.
  • API 
  • Kanban 
  • Customizations
  • Client onboarding module
  • Referrals

And way more (take a look at our roadmap here)

Need help with moving your team to ManyRequests 2.0?

We’ve got a free migration service, you can book a call and we’ll show you around and help you get onboard.