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“The simplicity and robustness of ManyRequest has been a game-changer for our business. Everything is in one place, more organized, and our clients and team members love it.”

Andy Dao


Flowspark is a Webflow agency that focuses on SaaS and other startups. Prior to this, founder Andy Dao ran another subscription-based design service which he sold in 2021.

Flowspark sells both Webflow subscriptions and hourly-based services. For a flat monthly fee they give you access to a team of Webflow designers and developers.


Flowspark faced several challenges to manage their agency:

First of all, they needed a scalable way to sell their services. Instead of offering custom projects, they productized their offering and needed a way for prospective clients to checkout directly via their website and start making requests.

Secondly, they also needed a better way to manage and assign all client requests and having everything centralized under the same software instead of relying on email and other non client facing project management solutions.


ManyRequests’ Checkout forms feature helped Flowspark productize their service offerings.

Once they connected their Stripe account to ManyRequests they created recurring services as well as hourly-based services and linked checkout forms on their website. Prospective clients can now immediately sign up and start making requests. Once logged in to their portal, Flowspark clients can browse the different services on offer as well as purchase extra hours.

In addition, the client portal and client requests feature enables Flowspark to automatically assign incoming requests to the relevant account managers. They can also send announcement to their clients, share files, and use the design annotation feature to get feedback from their client in a seamless way.

Key criteria

Streamlined requests

All client requests are in one place. Team members get automatically assigned to new requests and clients get notified in case there are updates on the requests. Clients can also see the status of requests, due dates, and add their team members to the request.

Productized services offerings

Services can be sold via checkout forms as well as displayed in the service catalog that clients can see once they log in to their portal.

Customized client portal

Clients can manage their subscriptions and purchase additional hours directly from the customized portal. They can also see their files, invite team members, and receive team announcements.

Integrations and Extensions

The Zapier integration helps team members get notified of new clients. Integrations such as Calendly helps the client directly book calls with the team.

“We like the ability of selling hourly-based packs through ManyRequests. Clients can see their usage and top up more hours as they go.”

Andy Dao

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